Dunbar Transportation Consulting LLC

Experts in transportation planning and forecasting with 50+ years of combined experience

SBA-certified Dunbar Transportation Consulting LLCĀ provides thorough technical analysis in transit forecasting and planning. Consultants Julie K. P. Dunbar and Bill Davidson meet deadlines and deliver on all projects, regardless of scale.


Communication as a Tool for Progress

Our top-notch communication skills set us apart in the transportation sector.

For regional planning agencies, transit authorities, and other consulting firms, we proudly fill the gap between the technical team, who runs travel models and generates data, and the Board of Directors or other project leaders, who determine project outcomes.


Telling a Story Through Transportation

Our consulting team analyzes data and presents our evaluation to decision-makers to craft a story. This story allows stakeholders to understand technical results and make better, informed decisions to invest public dollars and improve transportation.


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