Pride in Our Work

Our Dunbar Transportation Consulting team is proud of the relationships we build and the projects we lead and contribute to. Below is a collection of articles and testimonials that pay testament to our place in the transportation forecasting sector.

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Industry Features

  • TR News Magazine - Julie Dunbar Profile

    Our DTC owner and lead consultant had a feature profile in the January-February 2019 edition of TR News Magazine.

  • Zephyr Transportation - The Julie Dunbar Story

    Julie Dunbar was honored by Zephyr Transportation with their first ever Outstanding Industry Contributor Award and a full-length feature about her successful career in transportation forecasting. Read: "Path to Outstanding Industry Contributor - The Julie Dunbar Story".

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“There are many excellent planners out there with great personalities that complement their client focus. And there are several competent modelers that bring actionable analytics to planning and policy debates. But rarely do those capabilities come together in a single person or team. Julie and Bill are two of the most amazing and fun-to-work-with people in that small select group.”


- Rick Donnelly, VP and Technical Fellow at WSP

"I have worked with Julie for over 30 years. Over those years she and I have been in a number of diverse roles and we have worked on a wide range of projects together. Based on my many years of experience, I know that her strengths are spread across a wide spectrum, however the most important attributes she has brought to every project we have collaborated on are: technical expertise, communication—both written and spoken—team building, and education and training.


Julie's understanding and expertise in the fields of transportation planning, forecasting, and analysis are amazing. She has a strong understanding of the basic transportation planning tools and the emerging tools and techniques. As importantly, she knows which tools are best suited for specific questions or planning environments. Julie has been a leader in the moving of tools into practice and has brought her expertise to the clients she has worked with over the years.


Julie is a great communicator. She is very adept at leading teams and committees that are spread across the country and sometimes internationally. She is able to keep teams moving towards a successful result with very organized and clear written communication. She is also excellent at giving very technical presentations for many types of audiences. I have always looked to her for advice on communicating with new audiences.


Julie is able to create strong, engaged teams that accomplish amazing tasks. From transportation planning projects to national conferences, she can "rally the troops" and guide the work towards a successful product. She has a knack for engaging everyone in the group, giving everyone a chance to accomplish tasks suited to them, and to giving public credit to all the team members. It is always a joy to work with her.


Much of the tech transfer that goes on in transportation planning is via peers, conferences, and workshops. This makes Julie's ability to teach critical. She is always generous with her time and expertise. From young people in the field to long-term practitioners, Julie is always ready to share her experience, expertise, and practices.


- Kimberly Fisher, PALS Program Director National Center for Smart Growth, University of Maryland

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